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What companies can learn from start-ups!

Our CAS-HSG Entrepreneurship further education programme shows holistically how proven methods and tools in the start-up context can successfully support the development of digital business models (teaching block 1), growth (teaching block 2) and innovation and transformation processes (teaching block 3) in established organizations.

Company representatives (SMEs, large companies) at management level, founders, young entrepreneurs)

Teaching Block 1 03.-07. June 2024
Teaching Block 2 26.-30. August 2024
Teaching Block 3 28. October until 01. November 2024


Durchführung 2023
Dr. Torben Antretter • Founder and Investor • RightNow Group
Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch • Full Professor for Leadership • University of St.Gallen
Andreas Goeldi • Partner • btov Partners
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik • Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and Investor • University of St.Gallen
Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutzwiller • Regional Advisor • Goldman Sachs
Prof. Dr. Manuel Hess • Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship • University of St.Gallen
Prof. Dr. Michael Hilb • Multi-board Member and Titular Professor • University of Fribourg
Dr. Dominic Knape • Digitization Expert and Founder • DK Limitless GmbH
Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch • Associate Professor Digital Health Interventions • University of Zurich/University of St.Gallen
Carolin Maier • CEO & Co-Founder • Prodlane
Dr. Christian Opitz • Head of Competence Center Energy Management • University of St.Gallen
Alexander Stoeckel • Director Venture Capital • Philip Morris International
Prof. Dr. Felix Wortmann • Academic Director Bosch IoT Lab • University of St.Gallen
Prof. Dr. Thomas Zellweger • Full Professor of Corporate Management/SMEs • University of St.Gallen


  Teaching Block 1
Course Material Tag 1
Tag 2
Tag 3
Tag 4
Tag 5
Pitch Navigator
Guest Contributions Entrepreneurial Masterclass: Prodlane
Deep Dive: Digitales Marketing
Deep Dive: Health Tech
Scientific Entrepreneurship
Scientific Entrepreneurship: Case Study
Deep Dive: Digitale Plattformen
Recommended Reading

Grichnik, Dietmar; Hess, Manuel; Probst, Diego; Antretter, Torben; Pukall, Britta (2017): Startup Navigator: Das Handbuch. Frankfurt am Main.
Grichnik, Dietmar (2016): Entrepreneurial Living – Unternimm dein Leben. In 7 Zügen zur Selbst-ständigkeit. München.
Sieger, Philipp; Gruber, Marc; Fauchart, Emmanuelle; Zellweger, Thomas (2016): Measuring the social identity of entrepreneurs: Scale. St.Gallen.
Fauchart, Emmanuelle; Gruber, Marc (2011): Darwinians, Communitarians and Missionaries: The Role of Founder Identity in Entrepreneurship. Lausanne.
Zellweger, Thomas (2021): Entrepreneurs as scientists: A pragmatist approach to producing value out of uncertainty. St.Gallen.
Arnaldo Camuffo, Alessandro Cordova, Alfonso Gambardella, Chiara Spina (2020) A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial
Decision Making: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial. Management Science 66(2):564-586.

  Teaching Block 2
Course Material Tag 1
Tag 2
Tag 3
Tag 4
Tag 5
Guest Contributions Masterclass: Leadership und organisationale Energie
Deep Dive: Neue Technologien aus Unternehmer-/Investorensicht
Case Study: RightNow
Masterclass: Unternehmerische Psychologie
Recommended Reading Credit Suisse AG (2023): Founders and investors. One aim, two perspectives. Zürich.
  Teaching Block 3
Course Material Tag 1
Tag 4
Tag 5
Guest Contributions Innovationen in Corporates
Praxisbeispiel: Verbindung zwischen Start-up- und Unternehmenswelt am Beispiel der EnBW
Die Perspektive eines Venture Capitalist
ESG aus der Sicht von VCs
Recommended Reading Hilb, Michael (2020): Governance of Ventures. The Role of Venture Boards, Entrepreneurs and Investors in Entrepreneurial Value Creation. Bern.
Hilb, Michael (2021): Governance of Ecosystems. The Role of Governance in Collaborative Value Creation. Bern.
Engelhardt, Philipp (2020): Growth Performance Management: The design and use of performance management systems in entrepreneurial growth companies. Dissertation, St.Gallen.

The cost per participant is CHF 16,900 (start-ups: CHF 14,900) for the entire course. The course fee covers all services including access to the course documents, conference catering and optional supporting program - but does not include any accommodation costs.

Registration is possible online at any time. In addition, we require a CV with a description of your current professional activity and a short letter of motivation.

“Der Kurs beinhaltet in meinen Augen exakt die Themen, um sich mit seinem Kernbusiness oder dem zukünftigen Business auseinander zu setzen. Die vermittelten Inhalte bilden dabei die Grundlage, eine Entscheidung auszuarbeiten und diese auch zu präsentieren.”
Björn Elström | Market Manager | HUBER+SUHNER

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